What we do

What We Do

Global Healthcare Consulting (GHC) offers a wide range of consulting services in Clinical Research (Phase I-IV), Safety Studies, Negotiation and Strategic Alliances, Program Implementation, Project Management, Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy, Communications, Research, Regulatory, Policy and Landscape Analysis, Capacity Development, Training, Strategic Planning, Organizational and Program Review, Development, and Resource Mobilization,Technical Assistance, Technology and Health Systems and Programs (including Supply Chains) strengthening.

We focus on international public health issues that impact low and medium income countries and emerging markets. Our objective is the development, introduction and worldwide access of health products (including Vaccines and Drugs), technologies and information. We aim to ensure that health products are safe, effective, affordable and accessible.

GHC provides expert services in the following areas:

Clinical Research
GHC provides expertise for the development of the Clinical and Regulatory Strategy and Clinical Development Plans for Global Phase I-IV International Clinical Research and Safety Studies for Vaccines and Drugs conducted in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and India in adult and paediatric populations.
We help to develop essential study documents (Protocols, Investigators Brochures, Target Product Profiles, Clinical Study Reports, Risk Mitigation Strategies, Clinical Sections for Regulatory Applications for FDA, EMA, National Regulatory authorities) for international clinical trials, get international Regulatory Advise, and Medical Monitoring and Pharmacovigilance for international clinical trials.

GHC helps to provide expertise for Post-Registration Product development and Introduction of new products (including Vaccines, Drugs and Technologies) in low and medium income countries.

Negotiation and Strategic Alliances
GHC specialises in providing professional expertise in scientific and managerial aspects during the negotiation within international and national consortiums (consisting of the private, public, not-for-profit, research, academia, government partners) and with the funding entities, including consortium and grant agreement preparation.

Program Implementation
GHC can help you in all steps of the process of your program, clinical research or safety study, from conceptualization to program implementation, interpretation and dissemination of the results. We develop and manage Country Strategies, Work plans, Program Budgets, Contracts, and Negotiations with key internal and external stakeholders

Project Management
We specialise in managing complex international research programs. We manage projects with a great variety of stakeholders (academia, industry, public sector, public-private partnerships, NGOs, and community based organisations). We help drive the programstowards achieving milestones and successful completion within tight budget and timelines.

Assessments (including Monitoring and Evaluation)

GHC is skilled in developing, implementing, and analysing results from assessments related to health systems (including supply chains). Monitoring and evaluation services are offered (including designing and implementing performance monitoring plans, monitoring systems, and evaluations). We use quality indicators to ensure program success can be accurately monitored and measured. GHC works with both public and private sector partners and community groups to use data to improve programs.

GHC partners with clients to create advocacy strategies that influence national and global policy identify and engage with key stakeholders and position the organization and issues that advance our clients specific objectives. We help our clients engage with potential partners, new audiences, stakeholders and donors.

GHC develops communication strategies for organizations, programs, products and new initiatives. We work on strategic planning, key messaging, material development, dissemination, and targeted media outreach. We ensure that all communication channels are in place (including the website, print and internet). We help in the analysis and writing of Reports and publications for peer-reviewed International Journals We have strong relationships with media in the US, Europe, emerging markets and developing countries, including in the print, online news, scientific publications and new media.

Research, Regulatory, Policy and Landscape Analysis

In order for clients to understand their competitive and operating environment, GHC conducts research, and regulatory, policy, market and landscape analysis that assesses the field for ongoing initiatives, new products and regulations. This support ranges from existing data analysis to direct surveys and outreach to key experts and stakeholders.

Capacity Development
GHC builds capacity at four levels: System, organization, personnel, and community level. The approach to building capacity involves: Assessing, designing or adapting practices, strengthening and supporting implementation, and reassessing. GHC also conducts trainings, mentoring, provides technical resources and/or provides ongoing follow up support, as appropriate, to help fill gaps. It is critical to work in partnership with the key stakeholders – this principal guides GHC in its work with government partners, research institutions, donors, investigators and local counterparts. This helps to encourage buy-in for proposed changes.

Information System Development
GHC brings technical expertise to help research institutions, public health organizations and governments to strengthen, modernize, and restructure existing health information systems. The objective is to generate quality and relevant information for evidence-based decision making for planning and managing health services.

We design and implement training on clinical research, public health, clinical services, cultural competency, and institutional strengthening. It is provided to investigators, researchers, Institutional Review Boards, Ethics Committee members, Advisory Boards, health care providers, managers, community members and outreach workers, on scientific content of the programs and achieving performance goals. The targeted training is evidence based and culturally appropriate. The training programs utilize adult training approaches, are participatory and ensure competency.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning is critical to enable organizations to achieve long term organizational growth and to meet public health challenges by preparing for the future. GHC helps clients create a practical roadmap that help them achieve their strategic vision, keeping their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in mind. An assessment is done to understand the developments at the international, national, state and local level that are likely to impact them. We help frame the client goals that help them move in their preferred direction and work to identify strategies to implement the goals.

Organizational and Program Review, Development, and Resource Mobilization

GHC advises clients on organizational and program review and development, including for the development of new programs, global health campaigns and initiatives. We design, support and implement resource mobilization strategies, and facilitate contact with foundations, government agencies and international donors. We work with clients on institutional priorities and resource allocation to streamline efforts and maximize impact.

Technical Assistance
GHC provides technical assistance to both the public, private and not for profit sectors over the duration of a program to help build capacity and strengthen partner institutions. Bringing extensive experience working with diverse populations in developed and developing countries and with organizations in various stages of development and capability, we help build the capacity of organizations to enable them to meet their stated objectives and performance goals.

GHC uses technology as appropriate for information, monitoring and communication to improve the quality and efficiency of health care systems. We aid partners and clients in developing and improving electronic health information exchange and identify ways by which workflows and efficiency can be enhanced by health information technology and mhealth systems. We provide technical support for capacity building, procurement, training, use of information for decision making and the provision of good health care and to encourage behaviour change.