Dr Sonali Kochhar, MD, Medical Director

Dr Sonali Kochhar, M.D., Medical Director, Global Healthcare Consulting and Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Global Health, University of Washington, Seattle has twenty-two years of experience in a Leadership position for Global Phase I-IV Clinical Research, Safety, and Epidemiology Studies for Vaccines and Drugs conducted in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia in Adult and Pediatric populations, Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, Diarrheal Diseases, Influenza, Group B Strep, RSV, Ebola, Zika, Nipah, Lassa, MERS, Tropical Diseases), Vaccines for Pregnant Women, Introduction of New Vaccines, Pandemic Preparedness, Preparedness for Clinical Research and Safety studies for Epidemics, Research Ethics for Vaccines in Epidemics, Translating research into programs by Healthcare Systems Strengthening (including  Governance, Capacity Building, Logistics, Supply Chains and Communication) for Immunization and Maternal and Child Health programs, HIV/AIDs Prevention,  and Treatment, and working with vulnerable and at-risk populations (including pregnant women, adolescents, children, immunocompromised, MSMs,  IDUs and Sex Workers).

Dr Kochhar has conducted multiple studies- including vaccine clinical trials, safety assessment, increasing vaccine uptake and addressing vaccine hesitancy – in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, The Gambia, South Africa, the United States, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. She provides expertise for Vaccine Research and Development and Safety (including for Viral Vectors (MMV, AAV, Ad-5 etc), DNA, Proteins, Inactivated, Subunit Vaccines, Adjuvants etc).

She has co-authored internationally accepted Guidelines for Vaccine Research, Template Research Protocols, Case definitions for Adverse Events for Vaccines Research, and guidelines and standardized templates for viral vectored vaccine clinical research and Risk Assessment. She is the Lead for the development of 25 novel Maternal and Neonatal Case Definitions for adverse events detection and evaluation of vaccine safety signals, ensuring their applicability in LMIC. She has led the field test and validation of the case definitions in LMIC. She has co-authored safety guidelines for vaccines in pregnant women clinical trials and studies.  The definitions and guidelines are being utilized in clinical research, safety and epidemiological studies and AEFI surveillance for Vaccines and Maternal and Child Health Research globally. She has set up and led multiple international Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) and worked on communication of vaccines risks and benefits to scientific, regulatory and ethics committees, investigators, lay people and the media. She has helped to develop Research Ethics for Vaccines in Epidemics.

She has set up global multi-million dollar International Strategic Partnerships, and led Regulatory and Safety strategy, Ethics and  Policy Development, Communications, Institutional Strengthening, Strategy and Advocacy with Government Partners (across Africa, Asia, and South America), Regulatory Bodies (including the FDA, EMEA, African and Asian National Regulatory Authorities),  Ethical Committees, Scientific Organizations, International Aid Agencies (Gates Foundation, USAID, Wellcome Trust, MRC, Basque Government etc.), Public Health Authorities,  International and Bilateral Organizations (e.g. WHO, NIH, CDC, World Bank), International Pharmaceutical Companies, Local Communities, NGOs and the Media.

She is a member of various International Steering and Executive Committees, serves on International Scientific Advisory Boards, as Guest Faculty for International Vaccinology Programs, as a reviewer for journals like Lancet, Vaccine, PLoS ONE, Cochrane Review, Expert Review of Vaccines etc. and has published numerous peer-reviewed publications and book chapters in the areas of Vaccine Research, Safety and Maternal Immunization.

As the Medical Director for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative earlier, she was responsible for the clinical development of several vaccine candidates in India and Africa (including the first AIDS vaccine clinical research in India, AIDS Vaccine clinical trials in Europe and India, and multi-country clinical trials in Africa). As the Clinical Research and Drug Development Specialist, she has provided leadership for clinical research for PATH. Prior to IAVI, she was responsible for teams and activities spanning 11 South-East Asian countries for Eli Lilly and Company, providing technical expertise, strategy, and supervision.

As the Country Director for the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT for John Snow India Pvt. Ltd., an International Health Consultancy Organization, she led efforts to translate research into programs by Healthcare Systems Strengthening (including Capacity Building, Logistics and Supply Chains) for Maternal and Child Health and Immunization programs, and enhance the use of technology for health systems planning and monitoring.

She has been awarded the Yale World Fellowship for 2011 (Yale University’s International Leadership Program); Vaccinology Fellowship Award for significant achievements in Vaccinology from Fondation Mérieux and University of Geneva; Global Leadership Awards from Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis, U.S.A; Bharat Jyoti (Light of India) Award for medical achievements and the Serviers Young Investigator Award by Institut de Recherches Internationales, Servier, France.

Anurita K. Kapoor – Senior Director  

Anurita Kapoor, MSW, is a Social Scientist with over 20 years of experience working with women, children and youth with problems in LMICs. She has served in leadership positions for International Organizations working in the healthcare sector.

She has a Masters in Social Work with a Specialization in Family and Child Welfare and was with the Department of Social Work, Lucknow University.

Ms. Ritika – Communications Expert   

Ms. Ritika, MBA, is a Communications Expert with 15 years of experience and has led large national networks.

Harvinder Bhatia- Finance Consultant

Mr Bhatia, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has over 25 years of broad financial experience. He has advised large international organisations. He is responsible for implementing a strong financial system for Global Healthcare Consulting and ensuring compliance with all legal and ethical requirements as mandated by the law of the country.