Global Healthcare Consulting

Global Healthcare Consulting (GHC) is an International Consulting, Research, Policy and Communication’s Organization. We work on Clinical Research (Phase I-IV), Safety Studies, Ethics, Policy, Advocacy and Communications for health products (including Vaccines and Drugs) and technologies. We help translate research into programs by Healthcare Systems Strengthening (including Governance, Capacity Building, Logistics, Supply Chains).

We aim to ensure that health products are safe, effective, affordable and accessible for those most in need.

We work on Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, Diarrheal Diseases, Influenza, Group B Strep, RSV, Ebola, Zika, Nipah, Lassa, MERS, Tropical Diseases), Vaccines for Pregnant Women, Pandemic Preparedness, Introduction of New Vaccines, Preparedness for Clinical Research and Safety studies for Epidemics, Research Ethics for Vaccines in Epidemics, Translating research into programs by Healthcare Systems Strengthening (including  Governance, Capacity Building, Logistics, Supply Chains and Communication) for Immunization and Maternal and Child Health programs, HIV/AIDs Prevention,  and Treatment, and working with vulnerable and at-risk populations (including pregnant women, adolescents, children, immunocompromised, MSMs,  IDUs and Sex Workers).

GHC supports work in countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas. We focus on international public health issues that impact low and medium income countries and emerging markets. Our clients and partners include international scientific research organisations, major academic institutions, global funders, foundations, government agencies, top Pharmaceutical companies, international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and patient groups.

We have a strong track record of setting up global multi-million dollar International Strategic Partnerships, and leading Regulatory and Safety strategy, Ethics and  Policy Development, Communications, Institutional Strengthening, Strategy and Advocacy with Government Partners (across Africa, Asia, and South America), Regulatory Bodies (including the FDA, EMEA, African and Asian National Regulatory Authorities),  Ethical Committees, Scientific Organizations, International Aid Agencies (Gates Foundation, USAID, Wellcome Trust, MRC, Basque Government etc.), Public Health Authorities,  International and Bilateral Organizations (e.g. WHO, NIH, CDC, World Bank), International Pharmaceutical Companies, Patient Groups, Local Communities, NGOs and the Media.

The team comprises international scientific knowledge and practical expertise in clinical research, safety studies, research, policy analysis, communications, social science, and digital media.