Global Healthcare Consulting

Global Healthcare Consulting (GHC) is an International Consulting and Research Organisation that works with clients and partners to ensure clinical research (Phase I-IV), development, introduction and access of health products (including Vaccines and Drugs), technologies and information.We aim to ensure that health products are safe, effective, affordable and accessible.

We also work on Introduction of New Vaccines, Healthcare Systems Strengthening (including Supply Chains) for Immunization and Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health programs, HIV/AIDS, Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Malaria, Tuberculosis, Neglected Diseases etc.), Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health, and work with vulnerable and at-risk populations (including women, adolescents, children, MSMs, IDUs and Sex Workers).

GHC supports work in countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas. We specialize in global clinical research and development, safety, global health strategy, advocacy, health systems and programs strengthening (including supply chains) and communications. We focus on international public health issues that impact low and medium income countries and emerging markets. Our clients and partners include foundations, industry, government agencies, academic institutions, the private sector, NGOs, and Product Development Partnerships.

We have a strong track record of setting up global multi-million dollar International Strategic Partnerships, Policy Development, Institutional Strengthening, Strategy and Advocacy to lead effective action with Government Partners (across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America), International Aid Agencies and Donors (Gates Foundation, USAID, Basque Government etc), Public Health Authorities, International and Bilateral Organizations (WHO), Regulatory Bodies (including the FDA, EMEA, African and Asian NRA), Ethical Committees, Scientific Organizations, International Pharmaceutical Companies, Local Communities and the Media.